The Interactive Aspect Explained

The Sweet TraveLife puts a new 'spin' on travel, and shifts it into an interactive experience like you've never seen before. Our travel gear allows you to mark the locations you have traveled to - on the product itself, when you are actually traveling and on the go. Our handcrafted maps are sealed and bonded to our product's front panel (ex. Luggage and backpack) thus, securing our metallic maps to your product and giving you the freedom to mark the countries/states with the creative item (s) of your choice. We provide you with a sheet of holographic vinyl cut-outs of all the countries and states to place on top of the clear shield that protects your map. We have also used sticker gems to mark the locations and encourage you to use something that is fitting to your personality and your creativity (bedazzles, markers, cutouts, etc). We think it's important to protect your map and luggage while traveling and for checking in your item, this is why we provide you with a luggage cover and also a canvas cover to place your luggage/backpack inside of, so that your map remains protected. 



We take pride in nourishing our creative energy to bring you a more meaningful connection to your travel products. We are not like any other travel company. In fact, we take great pride in being different and in providing you with a unique product and experience. We are small, ethical, fun, creative, and caring. Our number one goal is to bring you joy through our products, while also bringing joy to animals and our planet in the process.


What Sets Us Apart


Our Mission and Vision


For us, our travel gear holds a deeper connection to our lives. It serves as memorabilia from our beloved adventures, memories and life experiences around the world. We like to have fun wherever we go and it was with this in mind that we created The Sweet TraveLife. We put a lot time and effort into each product as we handcraft every world map individually. All of our items are made of high quality recycled vegan materials and we promise to always keep it that way. We LOVE our travel community and highly wish to add more value to it. We proudly hold and celebrate your travel legacy with our TSTL travel gear. 

The Sweet TraveLife is committed to innovating your travel experiences. Our trademarked world map allows for travelers to enjoy their travel gear in a more creative way than what currently exists. Our luggage and backpack allows for travelers to mark the locations that they have traveled to, thus invigorating their experience(s) from having a traditional boring luggage/backpack, to an exciting travel companion reminding them of the places they have been to and those left to enjoy. 

All of our items are vegan and cruelty free. Furthermore, our work is contributing to something bigger than ourselves. We want to be the pioneer travel brand to help the environment, reduce one use plastics, help clean up our oceans and rehabilitate animals that have been abused, neglected or mistreated. We're determined to amplify Mother Nature's voice, while helping her rebuild a better, kinder world for the environment, ourselves and animals. We are a brand that is environmentally forward and proud advocates for animals and new adventures. We give a percentage of our profits to companies that help our environment, ecosystem, animal sanctuaries, and animal rights. Please join us in our movement of invigorating travel experiences all while helping the world. 


You Are Our Inspiration

We are the perfect brand for the travel aficionado looking to  cherish their fun memories and personal milestones around the world! We want to inspire curiosity and encourage the travel bug inside of you. We are a company that cares about travelers, because we are travelers! Satisfy your wanderlust with our TSTL Travel gear.

We have designed everything from the headspace of creating travel gear with integrity and meaning. We hope to make you proud as we use a portion of your money to give back to animal organizations in need. Always look for our signature trademarks and authentication number to verify that your travel gear is an original TSTL item.