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The beauty of having a social media platform is the opportunities that it brings to work with new or existing brands. Collaborations  are my absolute favorites but transparency is KEY. 

Five minutes after the Litter-Robot reveal and Apollo was already making himself comfortable around it.

Five minutes after the Litter-Robot reveal and Apollo was already making himself comfortable around it.

A Scoopless Summer with the Litter Robot

I'm so excited to tell you about the Litter-Robot. I believe that the cat gods have finally answered our prayers by giving us one of the greatest inventions created for cat parents. EVER!

A little history: The fiance and I love our cats, all FOUR of them! He has a soft heart for stray kitties and I for all animals. Along with 4 cats we also have 3 dogs and rescued keeping the house in order is pretty much a job in itself. CORRECTION, keeping after 4 cats and their litter boxes, is a job in itself. The cats make the majority of the mess and also the most stink after they potty. Over the last year or so we have been testing out different litter, litter boxes, food, treats, sprays and locations for their potty spots. Nothing has worked, and if it did, it was short lived.

For months, we continued to discuss new options in order to minimize the amount of space that each litter box took (we had 5), and to eliminate the stench that was left behind from their #2 goings. Plus,  honestly, it was just getting really old to clean the litter boxes 2-3 times a day. Nobody got time for that?!

Ironically, returning back to my search engine practices, and after typing in another cat related question. I saw an Ad of the Litter-Robot to the right of my results. I decided to click on it and check it out. I saw the words "Self cleans after each use," "Reduces litter box odor," and "Great for multiple cats" and I was beyond sold! I then went on their Instagram account and stalked them just a little, you convince myself that WE ALL really needed this. I decided to reach out to them via email, in hopes of a fun collaboration and also an answer to all my cat prayers. And thank gosh, they were answered!

Fast forward a month- It feels like total freedom. Really. IT IS LIBERATING. The Litter-Robot is AMAZING!!!

We no longer have any odor issues because it cleans up a minute or so, after any of our kitties use it. This is great because I no longer have to avoid having guests over...or better yet listening to my mom telling me that she can smell the cats poop.

The amount of litter spills all over is almost nonexistent. I say almost nonexistent because we have a kitty that loves to hold litter in his paws after he goes in any litter. Even then, his mess is so small in comparison to the open boxed litter boxes we previously had.

The sporadic puddles of pee or poop in a random corner of the house, because the litter boxes are full, are completely gone. They do not need to wait any more for one of us to clean their litter, before using the potty again.

The best part of all of this is that I don't have to put a reminder on my phone to to clean the litter boxes throughout the day and the fiance doesn't have to wake up half an hour early before he heads to the office to clean up after the cats.

I have been able to go back to a consistent schedule of working throughout the day without the interruptions! 

It's truly liberating and amazing! the only thing I have to do is change the bag in the tray every few days. By the way, they include a few bags for you to start out with.

The app is also helpful, it tracks when the kitties have used it and really helps me understand how to schedule their meals.

Have you ever heard of the saying "no mess, no stress"? That holds true in this case! The Litter-Robot is the answer to a stress free litter experience.

Want to have a Scoopless Summer too?! Win a Free Litter-Robot! Check out @thelitterrobot on Instagram and enter to win between May 28- August 26 (2018) in their weekly activities at A new winner is announced each Monday!!