About Our Luggage

Interactive Map

So, what’s up with the world map on the front of the luggage? It’s not just a cool design for your luggage. We want to create a luggage for travelers looking to spice up their journeys abroad. With this map design you can mark, highlight, bedazzle, or places stickers on the places you’ve traveled before allowing you to preserve precious memories created while exploring the world. We also want our luggage users to utilize the luggage as a goal setter and goal marker. Boldly showcase the places you traveled and look forward to the places you’ll go. Whether its for a New Year resolution or you want to treat yourself for the holidays or your birthday, we at the Sweet Travel Life want to encourage you to achieve your traveling dreams with our luggage. 

Exterior Material

Our hard shell luggages are made with polycarbonate. This material has a high degree of hardness and impact resistance making our luggages sturdy and extremely resilient to rough handling. Polycarbonate is also lightweight allowing for easy travel. 

Non-woven Luggage Cover

Our small carry on, medium, and large luggage will come with a non-woven luggage cover protecting the outer shell and map design from scratching or deteriorating over time. So your marked off locations won’t be lost. 

Eight Glide Awesome Wheels

This luggage has 8 wheels with 360 degrees mobility made for easy maneuvering.

TSA Lock

Why a TSA Lock? It adds an additional sense of safety and peace of mind knowing that your personal items inside your luggage are safe. The only people who would be able to open your luggage with the TSA lock are official TSA employees who have a universal key. To lock the luggage simply slide the two zippers so they meet at the TSA lock mechanism on the side of the luggage. Then push them into the mechanism until they click and lock into place. Voilà, you’re set!

Strong Handle

We proudly (and humbly) brag about our sturdy and thick aluminum handle.

Our Simple & Spacious Interior

Our goal for the interior was to achieve a clean and simple space. We optimized the internal volume for our luggages by keeping an easy and open design. We kept the internal compartmentalization simple with one open side with straps and the other with  a zipped deep pocket to reduce weight and packing complications. 

Look For Our Signature TSTL Logo

We provide a specific registration code for each luggage to assure its authenticity.




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