Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This vacation was one of our last minute getaways that we decided to go for on the spur of the moment! 

It was our first time using a Groupon Getaway! This Groupon was roundtrip air, all inclusive 7 days, 6 nights in Punta Cana, DR. With Be Live Punta Cana Resorts on the Bavaro side. (The side that you stay is important for many reasons).  The experience was not horrible but we would definitely not recommend this resort to anyone. 

The Cons

Flights were delayed by 4 hours each way. 3.5-star resort with dark muddy beach water (Not as advertised). Annoying sellers who harassed us during our beach lounges....some even demanded me to go get them alcoholic drinks. Annoying timeshare vendors inside the hotel who follow you to any location. Cheap liquored drinks (top shelf was advertised). Outdated facilities with water leaks. Long waiting lines to get into restaurants (3 days). Loud non-soundproof rooms and lastly, scarce vegan/vegetarian options in a country who is abundant with greens. 

Because of the listed reasons above, I recommend a few things prior to booking packages like these.

1. Look-up the resort's reviews so you know exactly what to expect.

2. Understand that not everything advertised in the pictures is available to you. Some pictures advertised things that were only included when you upgraded to a nicer room option.

3. Read the fine print. Obvious but not everyone does it. Save yourself the hassle of being disappointed or surprised later.

4. Know which side of Punta Cana you will be staying in. This will make a huge difference in your beach experience!  Atlantic side has dark waters. Caribbean side Is where you can find the beautiful clear blue waters. 

The Pros

In pictures, here are the Pros of our Caribbean travels to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (August 2017). Although I can't claim this was our most hassle free vacation yet, My fiancée and I made the most out of our stay in this Beautiful Country and really enjoyed our quality time together.

We were fortunate enough to experience this view during our morning walk to the beach in hopes of being early enough to catch the sunrise. Boy was it worth it!

Just me, the beach and this beautiful sunrise

How cute are these beach huts? made from the palm tree leaves!

Beautiful turquoise clear water at Saona Island, DR.

This is one excursion that I Definitely recommend!! Just make sure to book with the hotel, we booked with one of the harrasing vendors on the beach because they were significantly cheaper but were misinformed of a lot of shady happenings during our excursion. With the hotel, your safety is guaranteed and you can receive your money back if you're not 100% satisfied.

When life hands you dead palm trees, you remember that you're a Caribbean girl and handle it like one ;) doesn't it look like a giant cigar? LOVE!

Have you ever visited Punta Cana?? Did i forget to mention anything?! If so, please add it in the comments below! 

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